FYI Newcomers

FYI Newcomers

by Костянтин Пуголовок -
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Dear newcomers, you had have to recieve the login and password of Please, look at the mail.
For the first login to NURE DL service you will be asked to change your password. The old password is the one in an email arrived to you e-mail box in @NURE.UA, but not the password of the e-mail account.

Please beware, the logins for e-mail account and NURE DE service are the same, but passwords are different!

A new password must be 8 symbols at least and contains 1 digit, one lowercase and one uppercase alphabet symbols at least.

(Редактировал(а) Вячеслав Гребенюк - Tuesday, 28 August 2018, 12:56)